Rock Dell Lutheran Church

est. 1872

Rock Dell 1.jpg

It all started in 1867...

When Norwegian immigrants settled along the South side of the Minnesota River Valley, north of what is today Belview, MN, and came together to form a church.

The Christian faith was important to these immigrants. So, they gathered together in the home of Ole Koilen, every Sunday where Pastor Thomas Johnson conducted the congregation's first worship services. In 1871, Pastor Johannes Bergh was called to be the first full time pastor of the congregation. By 1872 the congregation officially organized, and in 1884 it was decided to build a church. These Norwegian immigrants styled the church building after the churches they had known in Norway. And to this day Rock Dell is a beautiful church patterned after church architecture in Norway. When one walks into the church building one can see a gorgeous semi-circle altar railing, intricate wood carving and ornamentation, a gloriously high pulpit, and paintings that adorn the altar.

Rock Dell is a beautiful church, with an even more beautiful message, that is: the Gospel message that in Jesus Christ, all of our sins have been taken away, that Heaven is ours through faith! This is the message that was proclaimed by the early Norwegian settlers, in the 1800's, and it is still being proclaimed today!

Come visit Rock Dell and see this beautiful church, and hear this beautiful Gospel message proclaimed!